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Adult cloth mask

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Product description/features/advantages

The 1.3D three-dimensional design increases the space of the nose and mouth, and the three-dimensional space eliminates the breathing urgency of ordinary masks.

2. The plastic nose bridge has a high degree of fit with the face to prevent polluted air from entering through the gaps.

3. Silicone adjusting buckle, elastic elastic band, good elasticity, anti-aging, use it not to hurt the skin, more comfortable.

4. Replaceable filter design, with replaceable PM2.5 filter element, double socket design.

common problem

1. After using the mask, please store it as flat as possible. If you need to fold it, please move it lightly to avoid damage to the bridge of the nose;

2. Please keep it in a cool and dry place;

3. Do not put it in the washing machine and wash it together with other clothes;

4. It is not recommended to wear it if the air is not circulating, breathing is not smooth or during sleep;

5. Children under three years old are not recommended to use due to their low vital capacity; recommended use time is 8 hours

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